J9 - Version 5.7.1
IBM Workplace Client Technology, Micro Edition


This page documents how one user installed J9 on his Stargate. He believes he purchased it legitimately and did not violate the license. However, he is not a lawyer. As is the case with many e-commerce sites it is easy to get tangled in a maze of links and end up in unexpected places. The following is his best effort to explain what he did

You will need to register with the IBM site and become a customer. Those steps will be left out of the following description.


Purchasing J9

This is followed by a set of screens to add you as a customer and enter credit card information. After submitting the order, an order number is displayed. However, an attempt to download the software got a error message in our attempt. It is not clear what went wrong and a response from IBM support is requested.


Trial Download

J9 is also available as a trial.


Loading J9 on the Stargate

Installing the J9 weme*ipk directly on the Stargate is possible but it doesn't install correctly. The Stargate is not a Zaurus. Some directories must be moved.

The following altenative works cleanly.


Executing J9

/home/QtPalmtop/j9/ppro10/bin/startj9ppro <class file>