In addition, has anyone tested a stargate with a mica mote using the radio? I wonder what would be the electromagnetic interference between the stargate board and mica's radio. I remember I had serious problems with interference when using mica motes near ipaqs (that had a metalic case/enclosure). I solved the problem by extending a serial cable that connected the ipaq with the mote, and placing the mote far apart from the ipaq (at least 4-5 inches). Has anyone tested this?

The problem attaching a mica mote to the stargate is that the antenna gets all mangled when it's mashed up against the board (a similar problem faced when using the xbow programming boards). We've used a couple of options here:

  1. A custom 51 pin ribbon cable. This is VERY expensive.
  2. A simple 6 wire umbilical w/ a small board that attaches to the mica2/mica2dot. We've used this on our EPRB programmers (soon to be the XBOW MIB600A) with great success.

Of course, the last option is to use the mmcx antenna connector.

What is the Stargate serial port form Motes?

Talking to a mote via the installed 51-pin connector is fairly straightforward. '/dev/tts/2' is the serial port device connected to the mote. Use the 'stty' command to set the appropriate baud rate.