Building a Complete System - Overview

The platformx releases and sources can be found at

These instructions describe how to do complete system builds (file system and kernel) from the sources in the platformx CVS repository on Sourceforge. They can be found at

Build Setup

If you have never used this build process before go the setup page which describes how to check out the system from Sourceforge and create your environment. This process assures that all the appropriate modules will be checked out and located in the correct place.

Doing the Build

I'm going to assume that this is the first time you have built platformx and you are in the directory you wish to place the local repository.
rm -rf platx                         # Let's start clean
platx-generic -d $SFCVS              # CVS check out
cd platx
make generic.config                  # Get the generic configuration
make menuconfig                      # Optional - adjust local configuration
make                                 # Do the build

The kernel and file images will have configuration, builder, and date information embedded in the name. For example, lk_ee-0412011004.bin is a Linux kernel compiled by a user with an id beginning in ee on 2004, December 1 at 10:03. They will be found in the following locations:

For subsequent builds it is only necessary to run "make" which may optionally be preceded by a "make menuconfig".

Modifying the Configuration Options

The instructions for changing the build configuration options are available here.