Loading Images

The general form of the load command is

   load <partition name>

Loading the Bootloader

At the prompt enter the load command:

 boot> load bootldr 

This will start the transfer. The board waits for about 10 seconds for a transfer start and after that it times out1. So, if you see that no transfer is occurring, that is probably the reason. Cancel, and retry the transfer; the second time the Browse… button in the Send File dialog box will already point to the correct location of zImage, making it easier to start the transfer within the time interval.

Use key shortcuts to enter the above sequence quickly. This only works if you have previously selected the image file.

The transfer of the bootloader takes about 1 minute

Loading the Kernel

The kernel file “zImage” has been provided with the release distribution. Sources for the kernel have also been provided in the distribution, and can be used to compile a new version of the kernel if needed. Instructions for compiling the new kernel can be found in the section “Compiling kernel for Stargate”. At the prompt enter the load command:

 boot> load kernel 
Follow the same procedure outlined for the bootloader only select the file named zImage. The transfer of zImage usually takes about 2 - 3 minutes.

Loading the Root File System

The root file system can be transferred in a manner similar to the kernel:

 boot> load root 

Select the file named root.jffs2. Because of its size, loading the root file system will take about 30-50 minutes. Use TFTP for faster loads.

A Note

Early bootloads experienced transfer errors because of a character handling error. If you experience Xmodem loading errors, make sure you have the most recent bootloader.