Managing Partitions

Current Stargate Partitions

   partition       size hex     size dec.   image size dec.

    bootldr          0x0040000      262,144      ~74,000
    params           0x0040000      262,144           ??     (used by the bootldr)
    kernel           0x00C0000      786,452     ~635,000
                     0x00C0000      786,452           NA     (not used)
    root             0x1E00000   31,457,280           ??

    total           0x2000000   33,554,432

Changing the Partitions

After you boot the stargate board, you should see a “boot >” prompt. Run the following commands to define and save a root partition on the board:

boot> partition define root 0x00200000 0x01E00000 16
boot> partition save
boot> partition show

Note: the command partition show should print out the following:

base: 00000000
size: 00040000
flags: 00000002
base: 00040000
size: 00040000
flags: 00000000
base: 00080000
size: 000C0000
flags: 00000000
base: 00200000
size: 01E00000
flags: 00000010 

The delete argument removes partitions. For example:

boot> partition delete root
boot> partition save