Copying Files to Stargate

Zmodem Using Hyperterm

Once the Stargate is running Linux, zmodem can be used to transfer files to the board. This method copies the files to the current directory and does not overwrite existing files. Make sure the current directory is the place you want to copy the files to. To transfer the file, from Hyterterm


At the end of transfer, the file should be in the current directory of the Stargate.

Zmodem Using Minicom

While in minicom:


Another method is to transfer the files using scp. To use this method, use the Ethernet on the daughter board or a PCMCIA Ethernet card. First verify that the Stargate has a valid IP address by running “ifconfig ”. Currently, Stargate uses DHCP to receive an IP address. After this point, you may transfer the files using scp.


Is there a way to clone all the config files and binary files from an existing Stargate to a new one?

There are several possible ways of doing thing -- but I haven't done any of them so I don't have any pre-boxed solutions. Some ideas might be:

  1. Use JTAG
  2. Use the bootldr to save/load images (if it allows you to save them...)
  3. Copy directly to/from the /dev/mtdblock/* file
  4. Use tar to create/restore a disk image at runtime
  5. Use rsync to duplicate the image

We have used mechanisims that are similar to these above, so they all have a chance of working. If I had to try this right now, I would probably do something like #3 above...

  1. mount the source filesystem read-only
  2. ftp /dev/mtblock/3 (or wherever your root filesystem is) to some server somewhere
  3. mount the destination platform's filesystem read-only
  4. ftp from the remote source to /dev/mtdblock/3

I've done stuff like this before, and it's playing with fire but it can work.