I am a newbie to Stargate Processor. I am trying to mount a 1GB Microdrive Flash Drive. How do I mount it on the Processor, and access the Drive?

Is it a CF card or PCMCIA drive - if so, just plug it in. You will see some messages on the console from the Cardmgr utility recognizing the drive. Currently, ide.opts is set up to mount flash cards automatically. (See next question.) If not, enter the following command:
    mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/cf1

to unmount:
    umount /mnt/cf1

Look at /etc/fstab for more customization details.


Can anyone let me know how cardmanager chould be configured so that the file system on a CF card drive is mounted automatically upon insertion? I have a line in /etc/fstab for the mounted device, but devices seem to mount before cardmgr is started in the boot sequence, so it doesn't boot automatically. It has to be a manual - mount /dev/hda1 command.

Problem might be your configuration in /etc/pcmcia/ide.opts -- what is in that file? Also, if you just type cardctl eject then cardctl insert what is output on the console? If there is an option like uid=x,gid=x in the config file, then this will prevent a ext2 file system from being mounted...

I found out that the ide.opts had these lines commented out hence it wasn't working. I uncommented out the lines and it is now working right!

You probably want to keep some of those options on there... The only ones that should cause you a problem are uid=33 and gid=33 and FSTYPE="vfat" -- esp consider the "noatime" option, which will prevent every *read* from the CF-card in also triggering a write.

    # ATA/IDE drive adapter configuration
    # The address format is "scheme,socket,serial_no[,part]".
    # For multi-partition devices, first return list of partitions in
    # $PARTS.  Then, we'll get called for each partition.
    case "$ADDRESS" in
       INFO="Sample IDE setup"
        DO_FSTAB="n" ; DO_FSCK="n" ; DO_MOUNT="y"
        # Card eject policy options