Serial Configuring

stty -F /dev/tts/1

How do you reference serial ports on the Stargate?

One potential issue is the exact file name of the serial port -- depending on which build of the kernel you have, the serial port(s) might be /dev/ttyS2 (file-based dev subsystem) or otherwise /dev/tts/2 (newer dynamic dev filesystem). It may be worthwhile mentioning this in the document to increase it's longevity...

It might also be worthwhile adding a note that the 4th serial port, which is the HWUART -- can either replace the BTUART (uses the same physical pins), or conflicts on the PCMCIA pins. (You mention that there are 4 serial ports, say that the 3rd is Bluetooth, but never mention the 4th.)

I need a serial forwarder.

In the tinyos-1.x/contrib./hsn/pub/tool/packet_tools directory you would find uartserver.c which has some of the functionality as that of serial forwarder. But you will need to do make changes to it.