Utilities FAQ

Could anybody remind me the details of how to change a password or point me to the location of an appropriate document, please?

Release 7.2 has account management utilities in it: i.e. passwd. You can also locate this utilities on the handhelds site in tinylogin_1.4-20030620.2_arm.ipk.

Otherwise, you might try creating a password on another machine and copying its hashed value stored in the /etc/passwd file between machines.


Has anyone setup a cron job on Stargate? I noticed that there is no cron daemon running - this might be a utility that could be added for Release 7.2.

For those who haven't gotten it going, I was able to get Vixie-cron-3.0.1-74 running on the stargate. The major issue is that it normally uses /var/cron for its files, but that is on the ramfs. Setting the CRONDIR (in the source) to be /etc/cron worked. also, you can grab the cron binaries that have been compiled for the Zarus, then edit the binaries to change "/var/cron" to "/etc/cron" and it will work as well.

The other issue with it was that cron was looking for ae. By using update-alternatives, you can map ae to vi or whatever you choose. Once that is done, crontab -e will work properly.

Click here to download cron.