I have this customer query about the USB port power - would any of you know the answer?

I'm 97.3% sure that is that doing rmmod does cut the power to the USB subsystem -- but you'd have to try it to be sure.

How do I enable USB to Serial?

Load the usb serial modules by typing:


To test send a string to a serial device

cat > /dev/usb/tts/0

Check here for new pl2303 driver.


What kind of sound device can I hook up to the stargate? I need to use a microphone on the stargate. Has anybody ever tried that before?

You might try the USB route. Look at something like the EDIROL USB <==> Audio in /out. Linux drivers will be an issue. Some students at PSU worked with these drivers on a similar board. Try:

I need to connect a LCD modules to stargate. Doese anyone like to > share some experiences?

How big an LCD? This is an LCD site for Linux:

I've wondered about USB possibilities. I haven't found anything appropriate yet. Here are some small ones.