Release 7.1

The primary goal of release 7 is to consolidate kernels from Intel's personal server, Intel's EcoSense, and UCLA's CENS projects. The file system has not changed dramatically from release 6. The next release will focus on it. 

  • Kernel: Suspend/resume, GPIO/LED access, mesh networking, devfs, additional file type support, and new drivers for the card manager, hostAP, ov511, and USB flash.

  • Boot loader: upgraded to the 2.21.13 release with TFTP support added

  • File system: added ftp, jove (emacs), fdisk, passwd


README.txt - Details enhancements for this release, distribution contents, and known issues.


License.pdf - Intel Open Source License

Release Contents - download

  • README.txt - see above
  • License.pdf - see above
  • images - files that can be loaded directly onto the Stargate
    • bootldr - the boot loader image with suspend / resume and TFTP. This boot loader is derived from handhelds build 2.21.13 and assumes a PXA architecture. It cannot be loaded from a release 6 or earlier boot loader because the magic numbers do not match. If you have an older boot loader you must load the release 7 boot loader through JTag the first time.
    • zImage - Linux kernel - this kernel will work with release 6 boot loaders.
    • root.jffs2 - the root file system with modules - do not load modules separately.
  • src - the source required to generate the images
    • patch-2.4.19-rmk7-pxa2-star7.1 - Linux patch 
    • root_star7.1.tgz - the tarred root file system
    • bootldr7.1.tgz - the bootldr source
  • doc - 
    • StargateHowTo.pdf - instructions for using and setting up the Stargate, 
      compiling images, ... 
    • JTagStargate.pdf - how to load images using the JTag connector
    • GPIOv04.xls - GPIO mappings
    • TFTPHowTo.txt - How to set up MAC address and transfer files using the boot loader

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