Release 7.2

The primary goal of release 7.2 is to consolidate kernels and file systems from Intel's personal server, Intel's EcoSense, and UCLA's CENS projects.  

  • Kernel: Suspend/resume, GPIO/LED access, mesh networking, devfs, additional file type support, and new drivers for the card manager, hostAP, ohci fix, ov511, pwc, and USB flash.

  • Boot loader: upgraded to the 2.21.13 release with TFTP support added

  • File system: 2.3.2 libraries, added ftp, jove, fdisk, account management, ppp, uisp

Note: This file system was generated from more recent Handheld and Debian packages. This will have a significant impact on the file system. There are new capabilities and there may be missing features. Please let us know what is missing and it will be considered for the next release.


README.txt - Details enhancements for this release, distribution contents, and known issues.


License.pdf - Intel Open Source License

Release Contents - download

  • README.txt - see above
  • License.pdf - see above
  • images - files that can be loaded directly onto the Stargate
    • bootldr - the boot loader image with suspend / resume and TFTP. This boot loader is derived from handhelds build 2.21.13 and assumes a PXA architecture. It cannot be loaded from a release 6 or earlier boot loader because the magic numbers do not match. If you have an older boot loader you must load the release 7 boot loader through JTag the first time.
    • zImage - Linux kernel - this kernel will work with release 6 boot loaders.
    • root.jffs2 - the root file system with modules - do not load modules separately.
  • src - the source required to generate the images
    • patch-2.4.19-rmk7-pxa2-star7.2 - Linux patch 
    • root_star7.2.tgz - the tarred root file system
    • bootldr7.1.tgz - the bootldr source
  • doc - 
  • Documentation needs to be cleaned up

Fixes and Additions

image credits: