Supplements 7.1

Release Contents - Download

images - Stargate images 
  • apache.tgz - Apache web server 
  • su - switch user utility 
  • uisp-sg - Mote programming utility


  • ApacheHowTo.txt - How to install Apache 
  • UISPHowTo.txt - Mote programming 


  • mkfs.jffs2 - creates a jffs2 files system for Stargate 

Last Minute Additional Downloads

usb-ohci.o: The pwc (Philips) webcam drivers work with this ohci module. Place it in /libs/modules/2.4.19..../kernel/drivers/usb and reboot.

pwc.o: The pwc driver

pwcx-2.4.20.o: The pwc decompressor

clear: Clears the screen. This program is about half a Meg.



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