Release 7.3

The primary goal of release 7.3 is to provide a comprehensive build environment that encompasses the file system as well as the kernel.  This build system is not part of the release but can be checked out the the CVS repository. As a result, the kernel build process has changed.

We also enabled support for's ipkg infrastructure.


README.txt - Details enhancements for this release, distribution contents, and known issues.


License.pdf - Intel Open Source License

Release Contents - download

  • README.txt - see above
  • License.pdf - see above
  • images - files that can be loaded directly onto the Stargate
    • bootldr - the boot loader image with suspend / resume and TFTP. This boot loader is derived from handhelds build 2.21.13 and assumes a PXA architecture. It cannot be loaded from a release 6 or earlier boot loader because the magic numbers do not match. If you have an older boot loader you must load the release 7 boot loader through JTag the first time.
    • zImage - Linux kernel - this kernel will work with release 6 boot loaders.
    • root.jffs2 - the root file system with modules - do not load modules separately.
  • src - the source required to generate the images
    • IMPORTANT.txt - a note about building the kernel
    • patch-2.4.19-rmk7-pxa2-star7.3 - Linux patch 
    • pwcx-2.3.20.o.bin - binary for Philips webcams
    • root_star7.3.tgz - the tarred root file system
    • bootldr7.1.tgz - the bootldr source

Fixes and Additions

image credits: