Distinguishing Capabilities

Research teams within Intel are exploring the hardware and software infrastructure required for personal servers, wireless sensor networks, and robotics. This site contains Linux kernels (images and source patches), boot loaders (images and source), tools and apps for XScale boards.

Sensor Networked Nodes and Gateways
  • Mesh Networking
  • Motes 
  • Power Management
  • plus: USB Hosting with the OHCI Standard
Embedded Personal Servers Support
  • Bluez Stack
  • Media Hosting
  • PCMCIA and Flash Card
  • plus: GPIOs / LEDs

Stargate System Software

  • Linux kernel 2.4.19
  • Open source distribution
  • Broad range of Familiar and Debian utilities
  • Support for jffs2, ext2, ext3, vfat, and msdos file types
  • 802.11 and Bluetooth wireless tools for NetGear, Xcomax, and Bluez
  • Mesh networking using AODV
  • POSIX with Java and Perl runtime environments

Download Current Release

Stargate System Hardware

  • 400MHz, PXA55 XScale processor
  • 64 MB SDRAM, 32 MB Flash
  • 3.5 x 2.5 inches in size and low power
  • MICA2 mote, Ethernet, Serial, JTAG, USB, PCMCIA, Compact Flash connectors
  • Bluetooth (built in), 802.11 (through PCMCIA and CFCard)

Detailed specifications


Our initial support platform is called Stargate and is distributed by Crossbow.